European road freight

With thousands of vehicles at our disposal, we offer a wide range of haulage services depending on our clients’ freight size or transit time requirements. No matter whether you have just one pallet, awkward machinery or thousands of boxes; Distribusha has the ability to provide one of the most cost effective business to business solutions for your freight to Europe and vice versa.

As a member of one of the largest European freight networks Distribusha can provide, at short notice, a wide variety of vans and trucks both here in the UK and all across Europe:

  • Transit van for extra security and speed
  • Curtain-sided van for up to 10 euro pallets
  • Box van with tail lift for extra convenience
  • 7.5t, 18t, 'Artic' and Mega-trailer for large shipments
  • Refrigerator trucks
  • ADR trained drivers

Express road freight to Europe

Fast and effective at surprisingly good prices, our fastest service to Europe and back is the best option Distribusha offers for time sensitive shipments. In 24 hours our vans can reach not only the nearest countries on the continent as Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, but even more distant points like, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Austria and Monaco. In most cases, this mode of transport is as fast as air transport but much more cost effective. For larger or heavier loads we can offer 7.5t, 18t or 13,6m mega trailer trucks service which although slower than the light van, can still reach Western Europe in 24 hours*. For more distant European destinations we offer 48h and 72h service.

* Dependant on cargo collection location and distance from ports.

Economy road freight to Europe

Our slow service is suitable for customers who need transport for their cost sensitive goods and can afford longer transit times (5 – 7 working days). The extended transit time helps us to flow your goods into our large back load network of partners in the UK and Europe or consolidate it with other goods going to the same area. Using space on vehicles going back to their bases considerably reduces our prices and CO2 footprint of our freight forwarding service to Europe.

Whatever your delivery timescales and goods, we will advise the most cost-effective international shipping rates and delivery methods to meet your logistical needs. Just call us on 01923828460 or Click Here to send us a quick enquiry.