Pre booked or regular runs courier services

You want to pre-book a one-off collection and delivery for tomorrow or to schedule a regular delivery for a specific time or date? Here at Distribusha we have the answer.

If you need hourly, daily, weekly or monthly set collections and deliveries to or from regular locations, we can help and do it 24/7. Early morning or late night, collection on Sunday for flying start on Monday; Distribusha can maintain a reliable transport connection at different stages of your production process.

If you have regular deliveries that need to be made on a daily basis, whether local or national, then we can work with you on short or long term contracts. Our pre booked van service is especially cost effective for heavy multi drop deliveries with numerous boxes per consignment. As a wholesaler you can prepare your customers’ orders today and book for delivery all around London on a next day basis. We will collect your deliveries in the morning and deliver same day paying personal attention to your valuable clients. Any returns will be kindly collected, documented and brought back in received condition to your warehouse. This level of service brings extra flexibility to your business if you need to work longer hours and helps you maintain low delivery expenses. As one of our customers, you stay in control of deliveries and any mistake or misunderstanding can be put in order within minutes.

Our regular run courier service is also suitable for transporting finished work from the manufacturers to distribution depots or other manufacturers; we can collect parcels from several depots and taking them to a central hub. Other examples are printed materials going to finishers, news going from the presses to distribution depots. Some of our clients require regular daily post runs.

Of course each business is unique and transport needs can vary, so if it’s something you would like to discuss, no problem: Just pick up your phone and call us at 01923828460 or send us an enquiry.