Express European deliveries and collections

If you need express transport to or from Europe for your urgent consignment, or you just need a courier to Europe for your fragile, awkwardly sized cargo. Perhaps you work out of business hours and your goods need express delivery immediately after they are off the production line; we have a service to suit your needs.

Distribusha offers express van delivery to Europe or collection from Europe at no extra cost. We have access to thousands of panel, curtain sided or tail lift equipped vans all around UK and EU with capacity of 1100 - 1500 kg or about 18 cub/m. (8 – 10 euro pallets). No matter what time of the day, a dedicated vehicle will collect your products and, without delay, will head to your desired destination. Without any transfers or consolidation, this type of service provides the highest standards of handling for your precious or urgent goods.

Why it is better for heavy express consignments to go by van to Europe and not by air?

The nature of air transport and the cutting edge technology involved makes it prohibitively expensive for short distances; where the aircraft uses most of the fuel to gain altitude. For example transporting 1000kg of cargo from London to Amsterdam (300 miles) by Airbus A320 burns about 150kg of jet fuel or it creates 375kg of CO2. Our vans’ CO2 emissions for such delivery to Netherlands, is just a fraction of that.

Cutting all of the airport cargo procedures and transfers even allows us to deliver in shorter time frame. Our vans reach most of the Western European cities in just under 24 hours. We can deliver from London to Copenhagen next day, London to Milan in less than 24 hours or Paris in about 10 hours.

To give you an idea of how effective our Express European Service is, we will show you some examples of our recent shipments:

  • 24 boxes with documents (550 kg) from London to Bern, next day service for £495
  • Dedicated van (ductwork equipment) from London to Geneva, 24h service for £710
  • 6 pallets from Florence to Birmingham, two days service for £889
  • Two pallets from Heathrow Airport to Paris, same day for £450
  • Pallet to Germany, three days service for £90
  • Oil industry equipment (1400 kg) from Netherlands to Aberdeen, next day £1389

Whatever your delivery timescales and goods, we will advise the most cost-effective international shipping rates and delivery methods to meet your logistical needs. Just call us on 01923828460 or send us a quick enquiry.