Air Cargo Exports and Imports

Distribusha offers you the fastest, most direct connection between the origin of your shipment and the final destination, with our team ensuring professional management of the entire shipping process. With our confirmed allocation of space on board carriers, we provide access to whatever capacity you need (subject to aircraft capabilities), at rates you can afford and transit times that meet your shipping requirements worldwide.

Air Cargo Imports

We handle air cargo imports daily from China, Middle East, Far East, Indian Sub and USA. With our agents located at most of the airports in the countries and regions above, our tailored air import service is suitable for a wide range of time sensitive commodities such as electronics, car parts, apparel, pharmaceuticals as well as many other commodities...

We offer different products based on client requirements as well as budgets and are defined as follows:

  • Priority Express - Making use of the fastest, most direct routing, and first available carrier services, our expedited services enable us to offer our customers a product to meet their clients’ demands and needs whenever urgency is the key word.
  • Express Economy - Our scheduled airfreight consolidation services are programmed to meet the needs of well-established and properly coordinated delivery patterns of our customers’ supply chain.
  • Economy Deferred - Whenever two or more days transit times are acceptable , our economy deferred services adapt to the needs of those shipments that are not classified as critical and can be delivered under a less than urgent basis, where cost is the driving factor.

Air Cargo Exports

With numerous direct connections to main international airports worldwide, Heathrow is the best UK option for exporting goods by air. We collect goods from our clients or their supplier’s premises; alternatively they can be delivered to our depot at Feltham. If required, we can arrange professional packing in accordance to air transport regulations or to your specifications. Once the goods are shipped, we shall notify the local consignee at the destination. If required, we shall arrange the shipment to be cleared though the local customs and deliver to their premises and provide you with a Proof-of-Delivery notification.

Additional services

  • In-house customs systems linking us directly to HMRC, which drastically reduces the time for the customs clearance procedures for UK customs process (link to customs clearance page)
  • Collection and delivery immediately after custom clearance to any UK or EU destination, without delay, saving expensive airport storage charges.
  • Storage, packing and distribution facilities.

Whatever your delivery timescales and goods, we will advise the most cost-effective international shipping rates and delivery methods to meet your logistical needs.

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